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Recommender Systems

Recommender Systems (RS) provide a user with recommendations about items as part of any given service. They are a subclass of Information Filtering. They have a variety of domains of application: movies, travel, financial services (insurance, loans), advertising… Using an RS presents several benefits: increased user loyalty and satisfaction, increased revenues and system efficiency…

Below, we present a general overview of RS, namely an introduction to the different types of RS and their core concept. In the last section, we will look at dimensionality reduction CF.

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Text Mining for Information Retrieval

Text mining aims at determining the similarity between a given text and a set of documents stored in a given database. In Information Retrieval (IR), Text mining can be used to extract essential information in any textual query document.

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Keyword Spotting

Keyword spotting (KWS) or Spoken Term Detection (SPT) is a subcategory of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR). Contrarily to ASR whose objective is to transcribe a speech in its entirety, KWS must detect only a predefined set of words.

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